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Hardware & Networking

SILICON UNIV has designed its Networking and Hardware Courses so Well that, searching a job in the market after finishing of the course is very easy. You Will get several job offers from reputed organizations in Market. We are associated with many of the major IT Companies like Infosys, Honeywell, Wipro, HCL, HP, IBM etc.
Computer Networking and Hardware is one of the fastest growing sectors. The hardware sector is crucially associated with computer hardware and development fact-finding.

As the number of computers, networks, and wired devices is constantly increasing; so is the need of service professionals who can help install, maintain and troubleshoot these devices.

This program covers the training in networking administration and supports on different kinds of Operating Systems like Windows 2003/8, Linux, Windows 7 etc. It also provides you the knowledge of media and topologies, protocols and standards, Storage area Network and Network Security. The demand for skilled network support professionals has been growing significantly. The technology community identifies this course as the perfect entry point into a networking career. Upon completion of this course, one can work as a Field support Technician, Network Support Technician, Network Administrator etc.

Duration of the course: Part Time: 6 Months (2 hrs/day)
Full Time:  3 Months (4 hrs/day)


By the end of the course, students will be identified and accepted as a baseline of any entry-level Hardware &l Network Engineer.

Career Options: Service Trainee Engineer, Server Administrator, Network Administrator,
Security Manager, Project Manager, Infrastructure Leader, Technology Consultant etc.

This program is divided into Two  levels:



-MS Excel 2007
-Microsoft Windows XP
-MS Word 2007
-MS PowerPoint 2007


– Understanding Computer Hardware
– Partitioning & Formatting
– PC Assembling & Disassembling
– Different Types of Ports / Cards
– Software & Antivirus Installation
– Processor family with analysis
– Memory types and characteristics
– Motherboards and their troubleshooting
– Power supplies and their troubleshooting
– Storage systems and their troubleshooting
– Display devices and their troubleshooting
– Peripherals and input devices and their troubleshooting
– Introduction to Windows XP/Vista and installation

            – Working with Printers

            – Managing Keyboard and Mouse

            – PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting


           – Overview of Networking

           – Network Connectivity

           – OSI layers

           – LAN Topologies

           – Transmission Media

           – TCP/IP Fundamentals

           – Ethernet

           – Other Network Architecture

           – Network Protocols

           – Network Troubleshooting

           – Structured Cabling

           – IP Addressing

           – Networking Tools and connectivity



            -Introduction &Installing windows XP

            -Managing Device & Device Drivers

            -Managing Windows XP Professional

            -Handling Local users & Group

            -Networking with TCP/IP

            -Configuring Network Connectivity

           -Sharing & Securing Files & Folders

           -Introduction to Windows Server 2008

           -Installing & configuring windows 2008

           -Configuring windows Deployment Services

           -User & Group Management

           -Storage Management

           -Configuring Networking & Network Services

           -Understanding NetBIOS, WINS, and NetBT

           -Configuring DNS and DHCP servers

           -Configuring and Managing IIS

           -Implementing Volumes Shadow Copy


          –Internetworking Basic & Devices

          -Internetworking with TCP/IP

          -Assembling and Cabling Cisco Devices

          -Router Fundamentals

          -Cisco IOS

          -Basic Router Configuration

          -IP Addressing ,Subnetting & Supernetting

          -IP Routing

          -Overview of VLSM

          -Authentication of EIRGP ,OSPF

          -PPP Communication

          -Basic IP Traffic management with Access Lists

          -Establishing Frame relay PVC connection

          -Managing Network Environment

          -Catalyst 2900 Switch Operation

          -Configuring PPP & VPN

          -Network Address Translation

          -Wireless LAN

          -Switching & Vlan


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