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CCNA Jobs and Training

The program for CCNA jobs and training is all-inclusive and contains four different modules. The training goals of this CCNA exam are the initial step in the Cisco career accreditation path. These all are covered in these modules. The program places focus on the utilization of problem-solving techniques and decision-making to solve marketing problems. Students learn how to install and configure Cisco switches and routers in local and wide area networks utilizing different protocols. In addition, they learn to offer Level 1 troubleshooting service and improve network operation and security. Training is provided to assist the student in taking appropriate care of, preserving, and using networking applications equipment and tools. Training will help students in getting a good job and Silicon Univ provides them jobs too.


The CCNA certification class, which is taught primarily in secondary and post-secondary degrees, features the following modules.

Networking Fundamentals

Routers and Routing Fundamentals

Switching Fundamentals and Intermediate Routing

Wide area network Technologies.


The Networking Basics module covers topics such as:-

The basics of Ethernet technologies

Cabling LANs and WANs

Basics of TCP\/IP and IP addressing

Routing fundamentals


The Routers and Routing Basics module covers topics such as the basics of configuring routers, routing protocols, TCP/IP concepts, access control lists, and networking troubleshooting skills. The Switching Fundamentals and Intermediate Routing module details change theories and settings and spanning tree protocol among others, whilst the Wide area network Technologies module describes several issues including frame relay.


How can it help?

CCNA course helps students prepare for the CCNA certification exam. It can opt as one complete examination or the two part course of the Intro to Cisco Networking Technologies and Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices tests. The former course is for people seeking awareness and knowledge of networking including the open systems interconnect seven layer model concepts, language, and technologies. The final course, the ICND, focuses on utilizing Cisco catalyst switches and Cisco routers connected in geographic area networks and wide area networks usually found at little to medium network sites. Cisco accreditation validates a person’s accomplishment and therefore increases the individual professional credibility in marketing fundamentals. This CCNA training and jobs program can help students to get a job in IT sector.

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